How to book flights for less than a McDonalds.


“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”

Let’s jump straight into it!

Follow these 3 Tips and you’ll be abroad in no-time while saving £££’s

If you love travel, you won’t really care where you go, or when!
So stop choosing where to go and allowing the costs build up on your already depleted bank account.

Follow the deals, not your heart

Open an Incognito window on your


“Alternatively referred to as Private BrowsingInPrivate BrowsingPrivate Window and informally as porn modeIncognito mode is a setting that prevents Internet history from being stored. E.g., when you visit any web page, any text, pictures, and cookies loaded in the page is all stored on your computer”

Have you ever noticed that the prices of flights, hotels, holidays etc. seem to increase the longer you spend searching for the deals?

This is because the website knows you’re interested and it’ll take advantage of you and start racking up the prices.

Going Incognito will stop this from happening. You can save a shed load.

At the top left of your browser will be a settings Icon or 3 lines/lots that you can click on and open.

There will be an option for Private Browsing or “Open Incognito Tab”  click it and a new Tab will open, it’ll work exactly the same as you’re used to. But you’ll be avoiding unnecessary increases in

2. Let the cost of Flights choose your destination for you.
(It’s a gamble that always pays off!)

Get onto SkyScanner and select your departure Airport.
Make sure you tick the “Add Nearby Airports” button.
Flights with low bookings will be advertised on sites like SkyScanner to get some seats booked out. Usually at a heavily discounted rate.


Risk the destination and save hundreds of pounds

Don’t add a destination. Select “Everywhere”.

This can open the doors to places you may have never even considered visiting, but when it’s only £8 to Oslo, Norway it’ll jump to the top of your list.

Choose open ended dates for the best deals!

If you only have specific dates available to you, then it’s the same plan of selecting “Everywhere” only with your specific dates.

Book them there and then!

These deals disappear, by the time you’ve browsed the location, compared it to other places, the price could jump massively and there goes your opportunity.

Don’t worry about it. Everything else will fall into place.
Just say “Yeah fuck it” and click.

This is what’s on offer today! Book it here: Fly to Norway for £8!

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For the price of a Cornish Pasty in Kings Cross station you could fly yourself to Norway.

3. You do not need a suitcase

Hand Luggage is your best friend. You don’t need to select your seat.
Budget airlines make their money on extras like:

“Select your seat for £5”
It’s more than likely an empty flight, so there’s usually always space on the seats.

“Baggage only £23462436”
You can get some pretty decent sized hand luggage
“Priority Queue for £10”
Everyone buys this and then you pay to wait longer. Just check in last, so you have time to chill. It also means you’re on the plane for the least amount of time.

Other Top Tips.
Wear your biggest shoes.
Wear a big jacket and put loads of things in your pockets (Phone charger, socks bundles, speaker, etc.) It’ll give you more space in your bag.


And there you go!

Follow these steps and instead of an expensive weekend in town ,  you could be living it up in some beautiful Scandinavian city.

I’ll be doing a “How to Book Accommodation for less than a Large Domino’s Pizza” soon.

Go see what flight deals are available today!